Meet the Founder

Hey Beautiful! My name is Theresa Taylor (aka Posh). First, let me thank you for shopping with Posh Lady Company today. The mere fact that you are here visiting my bath and body boutique, means you have amazing taste in fragrances, value your skin & beauty regimen, and love to smell good! You and I both have that in common. For as long as I can remember, I have loved perfume! I used to love mixing them up, & creating my own scents, catching deals on designer fragrances when I could, and just enjoying the many varieties in note combinations that perfumers would produce. I love the confidence boost that wearing perfume has always given me, especially when I am complimented by random people on how lovely I smell. I don't know about you, but, being complimented on my aroma just does something to my spirit! I'm sure you know that when you look good, you feel good, but, smelling good is another level of confidence and attraction. One thing I have always been intrigued by is memory scents! It is my favorite thing about fragrances. I love a pleasant smell that can take me back 10 years to a specific day or occasion. Or, how a distinct aroma can remind me of a loved one or just a happy time in my life. I'm sure you can relate. This particular power that fragrance has, is what make me so fascinated about it. I call this "Scent Memories." I love things that smell pleasant and ignites happy emotions. However, I don't think that something that makes us feel so good, should cost us a fortune, and thus this is the reason why I decided to start my own fragrance line of Perfumes and Whipped Body Butters. My collection of designer inspired fragrances oils are potent in scent because they are oil based and alcohol free, and the best part is I can provide you with your favorite scent at a fraction of the designer's retail price! I love knowing that I curated something that is going to create a happy scent memory for you as it does for me, and at the same time be fair in cost. I hope that my scented oil-based products bring you Joy, Fond Memories, Good Energy, a Ton of Compliments, and more importantly an ABUNDANCE of Confidence, Self Care, Self Love, & Self Worth! 


Posh Lady Company


Theresa Taylor (Posh)


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