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Founder: Theresa (Posh Lady Terri) 

Posh Lady Company was founded in 2020 by Theresa Taylor (Posh) who has a love for shopping, fashion, and all things alluring, especially when it comes to a good bargain. She believes that fashion and beauty items should not cost a fortune, and that the quality and value should not be compromised when someone is on a budget. We love making women feel good by helping them to properly care for their skin, look their best, and smell their best every day! Our online bath, body, and beauty boutique offers quality skincare & beauty cosmetics. Posh Lady Company's motive is to offer quality products at reasonable cost.

Posh Lady Company offers lush and cost-effective beauty & skin care products. We know that when you look good and smell good, you FEEL GOOD! Our Luxurious Whipped Body Shea Butters and alcohol-free Perfume Oils are formulated with quality in mind, to leave your skin feeling hydrated, silky smooth, and smelling amazing all day! Our products are made with organic, natural, cruelty free, & alcohol-free ingredients. They are also infused with designer inspired scents, so you can enjoy the luxury of your favorite fragrances at a fraction of the cost. All of our cosmetic products are handmade, in house, with strategic care and an abundance of love.  
NOTE: Our butters are natural, so sometimes due to extreme warm weather, they may begin to melt if left outside when delivered. If this happens, place the jar of butter in the refrigerator for 15 minutes, and it's solid form will return.